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We finally have a new hut!

Thank you to everyone...


every single Beaver, Cub, Scout & Explorer  

every single volunteer

every single parent

every single contractor & supplier

every single supporter from the local community

plus Chipping Norton Town Council &
West Oxfordshire District Council

not forgetting The Scout Association

our charity partners at The MidCounties Co-operative

and all the many other local businesses & charitable organisations who helped us so much...  

Thank you from all of us!


This is what it took to build a new Scout Hut:

dozens of cars washed  countless bags packed  

hundreds of cakes baked (and eaten)    buckets of cups of tea served  

thousands of individual donations

6th Chippy Scouts Logo.png

How we've raised £165,000 to build the hut

Scout Association loan £55,000

The balance on the loan from the Scout Association has to be paid back by 2027. Each year we will pay a £5,500 capital plus interest. The current balance is £49,000.

6th CN Scout Group local events £4,000

6th CN Scout Group Chastleton teas £3,000

6th CN Scout Group bag pack fundraising £10,000

Fundraising by CN ESU £1,000

Match funding £2,000

Local individuals £4,000

Local organisations

Mid-Counties CO-OP fundraising (shops and individual staff) £6,000

Local businesses £3,000

WODC £7,000

CNTC Section 106 £60,000

Raised prior to 2016 £7,000

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